Easy Skillet Lemon Chicken

This blogging journey has been an interesting one, thus far.  Originally when I started writing my blog about 5 years ago, it was for the sake of writing a blog.  I really had no idea (and still don’t) the amount of work, time and effort that would be required to operate this tiny space on the internet.  I know that I never pictured it to be similar to another “job.”   Yet, here I am, with a week off from my “real” job, and a list of posts/recipes/photos that I want to get done before the week’s end.


In an effort to keep things easy this week…I recently had the opportunity to work with Allie McDonald of missallie’skitchen.  She helps run a site called, Pure Taste Recipes.  The site caters to busy families and has a wide range of meals. The recipe I contributed is for an Easy Skillet Lemon Chicken.  So, if you’re in the mood for a relatively easy recipe that won’t take you an entire evening to prepare, go check the recipe out. The chicken holds the flavor of the marinade perfectly, and the lemon and sweet potatoes carry that added health benefit. It’s a one pan wonder, I promise! Go check it out and give it a whirl one busy evening.

–Huge thanks to Joseph Bronzino of It’s an Art Thing for his help with the photography, and the many lessons he has yet to bestow.



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