Bourbon Brown Sugar Chipotle Steak Kebabs with Roasted Potatoes

As part of my collaboration with Puretaste Recipes I was tasked with the job of coming up with a great steak marinade for kebabs.  I love a good kebab like the next person, but if you search anywhere online there are recipes a-plenty for marinades.  After consulting with my team (which consists of my parents and my husband) we were able to brainstorm some great combinations, that haven’t necessarily been “done,” before.

I like to think of this blog, and every recipe I create as a collaboration between myself and some of my favorite people. After all, they are the ones eating what I come up with. Plus, it makes the whole process more fun.


As I’ve advanced in age, one thing I’m definitely sure about in regards to who I am, is that I’m nobody without my family.  Even for tasks as simple as dreaming up the next recipe, I enjoy having their input, and I even enjoy being with them in the kitchen.  This blog has become more than just a way for me to write about delicious meals, but a way for me to incorporate the people whom I care most about.


This recipe is no exception.  Many people know that steak and bourbon are a perfect match, it’s a fact that my husband would enjoy  such a combination on a regular basis if health allowed.  However, the addition of the chipotle powder and cinnamon adds a spicy sweet flavor that mingles with the bourbon, creating a cacophony of flavors.


Feel free to sprinkle some of the chipotle powder on the pineapple too, it adds a nice heat to the already sweet pineapple.  I’d say this recipe is summer in a kebab sized package.  Perfect for meal prepping and an ideal way to get the entire family involved in dinner.


You can find the full recipe on the Puretaste Recipes website here.


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  1. PaPa Joe says:

    Having the opportunity to be on the “Inside track” these are dern good….


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